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Do you want to know what a hair transplant looks like after 10 years? You don’t know if your hair transplant will last over time? Whether it is information about hair transplantation after 2 months or after 10 years, we will see together everything you need to know about hair implants after 10 years.

Very often, it is recommended to wait for the end of the baldness before carrying out a graft because it is possible that in several years, the patient will have to redo grafts. Nevertheless, we see that many patients prefer to redo an operation than to remain with baldness.

In addition, don’t forget to consult our complete guides on the ideal age for a hair transplant or the 5 essential tips to follow to choose the right surgeon.

10 tips for a hair transplant that lasts over time

The day after a hair transplant, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and advice. Remember that a poor lifestyle encourages hair loss and slows the regrowth of grafts.

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It is advisable not to consume alcohol or tobacco for a minimum of 1 week.

Indeed, the presence of alcohol or nicotine in the body slows down and disrupts circatricasion.

It is quite possible to travel by plane the day after the hair transplant.

The side effects

Some patients may complain of swelling on the face and around the eyes. This will disappear in 2 – 3 days.

If you use medication according to the instructions, the possibility of getting edema will be reduced.

Limit physical activities

It is important to limit physical activities such as sports, swimming, sunbathing or activities with salt water for 1 month.

Hair washing

The first hair washing is done from the second day and will be done in the hospital. A special washing technique will be explained to you in detail so that you can continue to do it yourself, at home.

Apply the lotion to the transplanted area and wait 45 minutes. After that, wash the area gently with warm water and a special shampoo.

Attention ! Only scissors are allowed during the first year. You can use the razor to cut your hair only after a year.

It will take a week to 10 days for the grafted area to fully recover.

Hair transplant results in Turkey

Good to know: The price of hair transplantation in Turkey is cheaper than in France because the patient pays for a pack of hair and not individually. Regarding transplant techniques, Turkey has the best hair surgeons in the world.

Do you want to know what a hair transplant looks like 1 year after the operation? Have you seen before and after transplant photos but want to know more? Let’s find out in more detail what a successful transplant looks like!

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