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Know Before Undertaking Rhinoplasty

Our facial appearance has a significant impact on how others perceive us. Fortunately, a skilled surgeon can correct most facial conditions or abnormalities. Statistics show that rhinoplasty is one of the most common facial cosmetic procedures among Americans. The procedure is done to enhance your appearance or breathing. Rhinoplasty as part of facial reconstruction Scottsdale will give you the best results you desire when performed by an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Read on for more details about rhinoplasty and why you should consider this facial reconstruction procedure.

What Exactly Is Rhinoplasty?

Also known as a nose job, this plastic surgery modifies the shape of your nose to enhance appearance, breathing, or both. You can consider rhinoplasty to repair a deviated septum, fix the size or shape of your nostrils, enhance the appearance or shape of your nose tip and adjust the size of your nose to enhance facial balance. During the procedure, the doctor amends the bones, skin, or cartilage that make up the structure of your nose to give you your desired results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

When you go for a consultation about rhinoplasty, your doctor will determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. To be the right candidate for rhinoplasty, you must be a nonsmoker, have perfect overall health, and have realistic expectations about rhinoplasty results. The doctor also considers how motivated you are for the surgery when deciding whether rhinoplasty is your best choice.

What Should You Expect During Rhinoplasty?

Your facial plastic surgeon customizes the rhinoplasty procedure to meet your specific goals and needs. No rhinoplasty procedure is like the other because different patients have different treatment goals. The doctor starts by administering local anesthesia to ease pain and discomfort based on the complexity of your procedure. Your surgeon might conduct your rhinoplasty with the closed procedure, in which minimally invasive incisions are made in your nostrils, or open procedures, where incisions are made along the tissue which separates your nostrils.

The doctor then reshapes your nose by altering cartilage or bone from the septum. If you have deviated nasal septum, your doctor will enhance the alignment for enhanced breathing. To finish up, the surgeon closes the incisions appropriately to recreate the natural nose creases. He might also consider installing splints or gauze in your nose for extra support during recovery.

How Long Is Rhinoplasty Recovery?

You will need downtime following rhinoplasty surgery. However, the downtime length will depend on your surgery’s complexity, and your doctor will determine the recovery period. It normally takes a few weeks for the bruising and swelling to go away for most patients. While you will notice improvements within a few weeks, it might take up to a year to realize your rhinoplasty procedure’s final results.

Ultimately, rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nasal surgery that reshapes the nose to improve its appearance or correct deformities. Knowing what to expect from rhinoplasty will make you more at ease in undertaking the procedure. Regardless of your reason for rhinoplasty, the result is a more balanced and softer nose. Working with an experienced plastic surgeon to establish realistic expectations and customize a treatment plan for a natural-looking and elegant nose that complements the rest of your face perfectly is recommended.

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