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flu testing

Are you having trouble sleeping due to a high fever, cough and cold sore throat, or body pain? It might not be your regular cough and cold. Flu is a severe type of immunity disease that has symptoms similar to getting a cold but can cause more discomfort than the former. Most people understand the symptoms of flu with the common cold, which is why they take the wrong medications and it takes longer to recover. If you want a faster recovery, it is better you visit a doctor, whenever your symptoms last for more than a week. If not flu, you might be diagnosed with some other virus-related issues that are causing discomfort to you. Here you need labs, testing & x-rays Greensboro. Let us learn when you should go for the flu testing:


A severe or regular headache is a symptom of the flu. If painkillers are not working and even after a proper sleep, you are suffering from headaches, you should get tested for flu.

Runny or stuffy nose

A runny or blocked nose is also a symptom of the flu. Try visiting your doctor and taking cough and cold medicines. But even after you have completed your medications, your nose is stuffed, you should try testing for the flu.

Body pain or muscle cramp

You are resting the whole day, but still have fever, body pain, and muscle cramp. Or even massage therapy isn’t able to give you relief from the discomfort. It might be due to the flu, and you should visit a doctor or a clinic to get tested for one.


Are you feeling tired the whole day? Or your body is not allowing you to work. It might be due to the flu. Flu can cause dizziness, drowsiness, and fatigue-like feeling and thus if your body isn’t feeling energized and it’s long going, then you should get tested for flu.

If you have been diagnosed with flu, the first step you should do is isolate yourself from your friends and family to avoid it spreading as it is a communicable disease. Take proper medication and good care of your body to recover faster as it may impact your immune system and result in post-recovery time. You can also try home remedies for sore throat that work for you to heal faster. However, you should not stop your medicines unless your doctor recommends it or there are chances of the flu repeating. To summarize, when identifying regular symptoms as mentioned above, try getting a rapid test or a laboratory test like COVID-19 to diagnose flu and visit a doctor for medication recommendation. The right decision at the right time might help you in a faster recovery.

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