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Comparing the Fundamental Features of Bongs and Dab Rigs

There are various comparisons between the bongs and the eventual dab rigs. For this, you need to be familiar with both concepts. Once you can see the images, you get a clear concept of what they are. It may seem that both items are similar. Both of them share the same design and appearance. Both are tools to help in the process of water filtration. However, minor changes can make it easy to handle the essential chemicals. The bogs and rigs are similar and may differ in terms of functionality. Both are not interchangeable, and you need to know about the product distinctions in time.

Comparing the Functionality

There can be distinctions in the method of consumption of the bongs and the dab rigs. You can inhale cannabis in the form of dab rigs and bongs. However, they are different in terms of functionality. The dab rigs are formulated to be used with the concentrates such as waxes, BHO, cannabis oil, and the rest of the things. In matters of Bongs vs Dab Rigs, the bongs are used in conjunction with dried herbs, tobacco, and marijuana flowers. The cannabis is burnt, and it is consumed by using the bongs. You can use the lighter to burn the plant extracts, which is how the smoke is conveniently inhaled.

Process of Inhaling

The bong is constructed with glass, and you can find a tube that gets easily connected to the water chamber. It is the direct tube through which the smoke is made to pass. There is also the mouthpiece that will help inhale the smoke. The method of bong usage is quite straight and direct. You must place the dried flowers on the glass or the metal plate. Then you should burn the herbs using the lighter, making the person inhale constantly using the mouthpiece.

Comparing the Size

The dab rig will function similarly, which can act as an extension in designing the bong, mainly for using the concentrates. The main comparison lies in the platform called the nail or the banger. Here the concentrate should be inserted rather than using the dried flowers for the bongs. It is the concept of Bongs vs. Dab Rigs, and you can make things clear from all aspects of functionality and the nature of the components. Size-wise, the bongs are larger when compared to the dab rigs. Because the bong is larger, the smoke will travel through the length with all requisites and consequences.

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