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cut hair after a transplant

Many people suffer from severe hair loss, which often leads to the formation of baldness. This phenomenon affects men as much as women, and thus a certain number of them consider performing a hair transplant. This solution is particularly effective and it allows people suffering from their baldness to find a hair implantation that suits them. Indeed, baldness can be very disabling for people who suffer from it and the transplant then acts as a liberating action from this physical and moral malaise.

However, this type of surgical intervention requires to be perfectly informed about the procedure before, during and after the hair transplant. This is why the hair transplant experts , Starks, reveal to us through this article, the right actions to adopt following a transplant. But also how to maintain and cut the hair after a transplant? Or what are the manipulations to avoid?

What are the right things to do in the days following the transplant?

During the first post-operative phase, a lot of care and attention is needed. This phase lasts on average about ten days after surgery. But for your recovery to be optimal, it is essential to follow a certain number of indications.

First of all, it is essential to avoid any friction with the grafting area. Whether with clothes, performing everyday gestures or even during sleep, it is necessary to be able to limit any contact with the hair transplant area as much as possible. At the same time, it is also essential to adopt a healthy and balanced diet which promotes rapid healing. Thus, alcohol, coffee and tobacco should be banned the days following the operation. Foods that are too fatty or spicy are also to be avoided and maintaining good hydration is recommended. If you are working, you can consider returning to your job approximately two days after the procedure. In addition, it is also recommended to avoid any sports practice or sexual relationship during the first phase after the intervention. Finally,

What maintenance should be carried out the days following the transplant?

If medication is prescribed to you by your doctor following the operation, it is generally prescribed during the entire first phase, ie around ten days. These may include anti-inflammatory drugs or analgesics to reduce pain and prevent swelling in the graft area. In addition, Starks experts would like to point out that it is essential to wait approximately 48 hours after the operation to proceed with the first post-operative shampoo. For this, it is advisable to use a suitable shampoo and to avoid any product likely to be aggressive for the scalp. You must then gently massage your entire skull and more particularly the grafted area in order to avoid the tearing of the scabs. The latter are formed naturally following the operation and disappear after one week on average. Finally, it is useful to remember that it is also not recommended to use gel, hairspray or any other hair product. The shampoo is then to practice every day during the entire first phase.

Once the first phase is over comes the second phase which allows you to grant yourself much more freedom and to resume the course of your life as you wish. During this second phase, the hair in the graft area may fall naturally, even if you have taken care to avoid friction. But this reaction is perfectly normal and the final regrowth occurs only a few months after surgery. Thus, during the second phase, a return to daily life is largely possible, but we must remain patient before a final result is observable.

The constraints are much lower than during the first phase. Therefore, your diet can again allow you to make some deviations. As far as sports activity is concerned, it is preferable to remain a little vigilant, even if the recovery can take place after a fortnight or twenty days. The main thing is to avoid any activity that causes excessive sweating. Nevertheless, there remains another constraint to respect during the first month following the operation: it is about exposure to the sun. Indeed, UV rays can cause depigmentation of the skin in the graft area. It is therefore advisable to limit exposure to the sun, but also to UV sessions.

Finally, when it comes to the maintenance of your hair, the use of a mild shampoo is always recommended by Starks hair transplant professionals. The delicate massage of the skull at the time of the shampoo is preferable. However, if you are in the habit of washing your hair only 2 to 3 times a week, you can resume the usual washing rhythm. In addition, any product capable of attacking your scalp and more particularly grafts such as hair dryers, gels or hairsprays are always to be avoided.

Indeed, the hair regrowth takes several months before being clearly visible, but after 90 days, the results begin to appear. According to Starks experts, your hair density is at this time much greater and you can fully enjoy your new hair. Consequently, there is no longer any constraint linked to the transplant, exposure to the sun is possible and the practice of a sporting activity can be carried out perfectly normally. But that does not mean that you should neglect your new hair! It is always better to take care of your hair, whether you have done a transplant or not… Indeed,

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