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total disc replacement Glendale

Injuries to the spine and neck are fatal and life-threatening. Feeling pain in these regions should be worrying as you may think you are beyond help. However, you can get rid of the chronic pain and still achieve mobility in your spine. Total disc replacement is a procedure to replace damaged and diseased intervertebral discs with artificial joints. You should seek total disc replacement Glendale to eliminate chronic pain and fix damaged spinal discs. Let us go through the following fascinating summary about total disc replacement.

There are Discs in Your Spine

You probably know that your neck and spine are made up of a collection of bones. In between these bones in the spine, there are discs known as vertebral discs. When talking about total disc replacement, we refer to replacing vertebral discs. The discs between the vertebral bones act as shock absorbers in the spine and cushions for the bones. That is why their health is integral.

Total Disc Replacement is More Effective

There are other surgeries to treat your back pain. Aside from total disc replacement, there is spinal fusion surgery; these two surgeries are completely different. Total disc replacement is most effective for mobility after surgery, unlike spinal fusion surgery, where movement is slightly limited. When you aim to achieve mobility, total disc replacement is the best option for you.

Shorter Recovery Time

You might think that because it is spine surgery, it takes an obnoxious period to recover. It is not the case, and as much as recovery varies from one patient to another, most patients recover in about five weeks. Therefore, total disc recovery makes it possible for you to get back to your routine seamlessly after a short period.

You Can get Multiple Discs Replaced

You can get more than one disc replaced in the case of lumbar disc replacement. Disc replacement varies with where the surgery is to be done. However, you can replace two discs in most total disc replacement procedures. All this depends on the damage to your spine, and if need be for the extra disc replacement, your neurosurgeon will guide you accordingly.

It is a Major Surgery

Total disc replacement is major surgery, as all the procedures followed during major surgeries are done. It requires that you stay in the hospital after surgery for close monitoring. Surgery on your spine automatically becomes a major surgery as the spine is a very delicate part to operate on. The risks of total disk surgery are high and recovery requires physiotherapy.

The bones in your neck and spine are stacked on top of another and this is what makes the spine and gives it its flexibility and strength. The discs between these bones when damaged or in pain can cause a lot of discomfort and hinder mobility. When you get an artificial disc replacement, your life becomes easier and movement fluid protects your spine from further damages. Younger people have more successful outcomes and benefit the most. Total disc replacement is most efficient and effective, saving your spine and rid you of chronic back pain.

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