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Primary Care Doctor

To maintain your health, you need to have a primary care doctor to turn to. This doctor offers routine healthcare checks for patients. They are your first point of contact whenever you have health problems and need treatment for various conditions. Without preventative care and yearly examinations, health problems can go undetected until they become worse. Also, regular checkups with a doctor that offers primary care Upper East Side let the provider better understand your health history and help you achieve your health goals.

The following are reasons you need to have a primary care doctor:

Get Help with the Basics

Even if you don’t feel sick, some aspects of your wellness may need to be addressed. From insomnia to stress, headaches, and stress, your doctor can recognize the signs of health problems and disclose behaviors that contribute to your problems. Also, they can recommend realistic steps to correct the problems. 

Small wellness problems are easy to brush off, but you must work with your primary care physician to address them. When not checked, things such as a sedentary lifestyle, a lack of sleep, and being overweight can lead to many severe health issues. These issues include high blood pressure, sleep apnea, prediabetes, high cholesterol, muscle pain, and depression. 

Get Lifetime Care

Your primary care doctor will work with you at each stage of your life. From your sports physical examinations and flu shots and beyond, they will care for your health throughout your life. They can help you get regular routine screenings, manage your risk of having chronic diseases, detect health problems early, address medication side effects, and make important lifestyle changes. 

Prevent Disease

Primary care doctors are experts in different conditions including chronic diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Initially, some chronic diseases may not present symptoms; however, a doctor knows what to look for. As your primary care doctor is aware of your routine check results and risk of hereditary diseases, they watch out for signs that may mean an issue.  This means that they can help minimize your risk of suffering from a chronic medical condition. Also, they can help mitigate possible complications of diseases by managing your conditions, recommending lifestyle changes, and referring you to a disease specialist. If you are living with a chronic disease that you can improve through healthy habits, your doctor can assist you as you take steps to improve your health. 

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