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Keep Your Neck Healthy

Have you ever experienced neck pain? If yes, you can attest that the condition is distressing. While acute neck pain can resolve after a few weeks, chronic neck pain can last for more than three months, thus impeding the quality of your life. In most cases, chronic neck pain occurs when you have disc degeneration due to cervical disc disease Roswell. Since disc degeneration develops over years of strain, it is good to learn different ways to help you minimize this risk in your lifetime. Here are the strategies necessary to keep your neck healthy.

Adjust Your Sleep Position

Your sleeping position dictates your neck health. Sleep on your back to ensure that your spine rests optimally. Use the wedge pillow to ensure that your neck is inclined slightly. Further, it would help if you kept alternating your sleeping position to avoid exerting uneven pressure on your cervical discs.

Lift the Weight Evenly

Most people adopt poor lifting techniques, which usually compromise their neck health. For example, carrying a heavy purse on one side usually causes an imbalance in the shoulder joints, which strains the neck muscles. Instead, it would be best to use the backpack when carrying the load for uniform weight distribution across your shoulders. Moreover, it would help to lighten the load by only carrying the essentials.

Use the Headset

Most people spend much of their time on smartphones in the digital era. Tilting your head on one side for a long time puts strain on the cervical disc, increasing the chances of neck pain. Therefore, you should invest in hands-free devices like headsets to avoid slouching on your phone.

Stay Hydrated

Do you know that water is the main constituent in the fluid within the spongy structure in your neck? This spongy structure helps in shock absorption and prevention of friction force. Unfortunately, when you are dehydrated, water will seep from these structures to other body parts, thus exposing you to neck problems. You should drink at least two to three liters of water daily to achieve optimal hydration for your body.

Engage in Physical Activities

Regular exercises are indispensable when it comes to maintaining neck health. Notably, the exercises strengthen and increase the neck’s range of movements, thus reducing the chances of injuries. Simple exercises like chin tuck exercises are good for your neck. Whenever you notice discomfort while exercising, you should inform your trainer.

Manage Your Stress

You may think the link between the neck and mental health is insignificant, but you are mistaken. When stressed, your body releases chemicals that increase tension in your neck muscles, leading to neck pain. While stress is unavoidable, the stress relief measures like deep breathing and meditation can help you ease stress, thus staying in tune with your neck health.

Chronic neck pain is a common condition affecting many people worldwide. The strain on the cervical discs following daily activities is the leading cause of neck pain. The good news is that embracing the above strategies can help you keep your neck healthy. For example, Sleeping on your back is recommended for your spine to rest effectively, thus avoiding neck strain. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary to boost the operation of the spongy structure within your neck. Nonetheless, if you experience persistent neck pain despite preventive measures, you should consider the appropriate treatment options.

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