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Methadone is classed in the category of drugs termed Opioids. It was composed during World War II by German doctors for soldiers who were suffering from pain. Presently, it is prescribed medicine that is part of addiction treatment.

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About Methadone

Its prime function is to stimulate the brain and nervous system that kills the pain, but its effects are realized slowly compared to other powerful painkillers. It is helpful for patients who have undergone surgery, are troubled with severe injuries, have been suffering from painful illness for long time or undergoing drug abuse treatment. Mostly, in drug rehab centers methadone is prescribed for replacement therapy. It helps to evade withdrawal symptoms while getting treated to block the ill effects of powerful drugs like heroin, morphine, codeine and more.

┬áThe drug is prescribed after referring to patient’s medical history as its dosage needs to be rightly taken to avoid falling prey to its negative effects.

The side effects of Methadone need to endure if a person doesn’t take it as per instructions:

  • Feeling of restlessness.
  • Stomach upset which may lead to vomiting.
  • You can realize heavy sweating and shortness of breath.
  • Insomnia, weight gain, constipation, headache and the person can be even troubled with sexual problems.
  • Mood changes, dry mouth, experiencing flushes and even has vision problems.
  • Swollen lips, itchy skin, rashes and even the person can feel pain in the chest.

Hence, it is beneficial to consume a dosage of Methadone as per instructions of your medical advisor.

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