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You may be committed to a healthy lifestyle, including working out and consuming a balanced diet. All these preventative measures may reduce your risk of getting sick but cannot guarantee maintaining overall wellness. Anything can go wrong as you can. You can become ill due to the changing weather or suffer an injury. The most effective way to restore your health is to rely on a trusted primary care provider. Knowing who to call will ensure you receive urgent care for your concerns during San Antonio sick visits to help you get your health back on track.

 Do you need acute or long-term care?

The initial step your doctor will follow to analyze your sickness is to conduct a physical exam and review your symptoms for a detailed diagnosis explaining your complications. You may need additional tests if your doctor suspects an underlying problem. Imaging tests also help your doctor view internal structures and functions.

Upon confirming the diagnosis, your doctor will determine your need for acute or long-term care. Acute care is for emergencies and usually leads to fast symptom relief. Long-term care is specific to patients with underlying complications. Close monitoring may be necessary to update your doctor about treatment efficacy and reveal the need for adjustments.

Who can get acute care?

Acute illness can last a few days and might not require professional intervention. However, the symptoms of acute illness may necessitate treatment, especially if they hinder your well-being. Most patients with acute problems do not experience any signs or symptoms. It is critical to receive urgent help to ensure acute illness does not progress to severe stages and cause irreversible health complications. The following are typical situations requiring acute care:

  • Falls
  • Allergic reactions
  • Burns
  • Insect bites
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Cuts
  • Wounds
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Persistent fever

The best time to schedule a sick visit

One factor that determines clinical efficacies is the speed of treatment delivery. The only way to receive early treatment is to seek intervention immediately after you notice a change in your well-being. Early treatment improves the chances of optimal clinical outcomes by eliminating risks of complications. An underlying medical problem may also necessitate scheduling a sick visit to help your doctor determine whether your symptoms are associated with your medical issue.

Why schedule a sick visit with your primary care provider

Your primary care provider has access to your medical and family history and thus can review this information to recognize the root cause of your symptoms. Your doctor will also leverage this information to ensure efficiency when planning a treatment approach. A close relationship with your care provider will also ensure you receive the necessary supervision to ensure your treatment work

After reviewing your lifestyle, your primary care provider will also provide preventative guidelines to help you appreciate ways of reducing your risk of getting sick. You can trust your primary care provider to receive specialist referrals for multidisciplinary management.

Call South Texas Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center if you are feeling unwell to get a detailed diagnosis and begin necessary treatment to restore your well-being and reduce your chances of secondary complications.

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