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People battling with addiction usually exhibit depressive behavior. Yes, depression and substance abuse go hand in hand. Cure one and you get to address not only one but the other too. Depression shouldn’t be taken for granted, for if it goes out of hand, it can lead to addiction and could end one’s life.

The majority of people with major depressive disorders resort to alcohol or drugs because they see it as an escape from reality. However, the thing about these unhealthy substances is that they trigger and can even intensify the feelings of sadness and despair. Yes, they can cause temporary happiness, but once the effects of these substances wear off, the feeling of depression intensifies.

Understanding depression and the need to address it right away

Life is a ride. Sometimes you’re in the highs and sometimes you’re in the lows. However, not all people can cope with the roller coaster ride. There are people who easily feel depressed, and it’s normal. The problem is when you’ve been depressed for so long that it results in unhealthy habits such as clinging to alcohol and drugs. It will eventually affect your health, including physical, emotional, mental, and psychosocial.

People suffering from depression face an uphill battle. It is important for significant others to spot the signs and symptoms of depression to prevent it from progressing to substance abuse and addiction. If depression and addiction get out of control, the patient could exhibit the following:

  • Start to give up social events such as hobbies and social activities.
  • Denial that there’s a problem
  • Problems dealing with personal relationships

When depression is not addressed right away, it could lead to bigger problems. That is why early detection and timely management are a must.

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