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Require a Root Canal

Determining whether you require a root canal can be difficult. This is particularly during the early stages of the problem. To repair and save teeth with advanced decay or infection, root canal el Paso works magic. Physical signs show once the issue is advanced, so it is essential to go for regular dental checkups. If you don’t visit your dentist to detect a dental problem early before it advances, you might get an infected tooth that requires a root canal. If you sense an issue with one or more of your teeth, here are the common signs you require to undergo root canal treatment.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Your teeth can become cracked or chipped due to impact from contact sports, eating hard foods, or previous dental procedures. A chipped or cracked tooth exposes the underlying nerves causing an infection that can spread from the tooth root to the bloodstream. The infection requires treatment through a root canal procedure to prevent further pain and infection.

Persistent Tooth Pain

Toothache is one of the major signs that you have a problem with your tooth root. If you can’t drink or eat without feeling pain, you should see your dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will analyze your aching tooth to determine if your nerves or blood vessels are inflamed because of an infection. Depending on the diagnosis, your dentist might recommend a root canal to curb the pain.

Heat Or Cold Sensitivity

If you often experience toothaches when you drink hot or cold drinks, this is a dental problem. The dull ache can slowly progress to sharp and intense pain. Damaged nerve endings and blood vessels often cause tooth sensitivities, and a root canal might be needed to fix the issue. Prolonged tooth sensitivity is normally caused by a damaged root that won’t heal without treatment.

Dark Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration often results from exposure to drinks and foods that stains the tooth enamel or due to poor oral hygiene. However, a discolored tooth might also result from nerve damage beneath the surface of the tooth. If your discolored tooth is due to blood vessels and nerve damage, your dentist will have to carry out a root canal to remove the damaged root.

Swollen Gum and Deep Decay

Swollen gum is an indication of a problem beneath the gum tissues. If you have swollen and painful gums, you should consider visiting a dentist for a checkup and diagnosis. A root canal is sometimes recommended to treat swollen gums. Also, if you have deep decay, a root canal is effective in repairing the tooth before fitting a dental crown.

Ultimately, these are the common signs that you need a root canal. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you notice a dental problem that can only be treated via a root canal. Root canal treatments have become increasingly common, and the procedure doesn’t have to be painful with the right dentist. It will hurt more to continue with a damaged tooth than to undertake a root canal procedure. Therefore, the best thing is to schedule an appointment today with your dentist and get your teeth into good condition again.

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