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Upsides Of Dental Fillings

Tooth decay spots affect your smile and interfere with your ability to chew and drink without pain. This dental issue may worsen if not treated, leading to tooth loss. Fortunately, fillings Whitestone can restore your tooth structure, and prevent further damage, preserving your oral health.

Why do you need fillings

Dental fillings are plastic, metal, or glass restorations that restore damaged teeth due to decay or cavities. These fillings come in several materials, including color-matchable materials like composite resin, porcelain, and gold and silver amalgam. During your appointment at Vida Dental Spa, your doctor may educate you about the different types of fillings and help you choose the right one. Before placing the fillings, your provider removes the damaged parts of your tooth to prevent further decay. Cavities rarely cause symptoms, and you may not know you have them until they become severe. Symptoms of cavities include throbbing pain, tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures and touch, and a jagged portion or hole in your tooth. Whether or not you have cavity symptoms, your Vida Dental Spa specialist can detect the cavity during a routine dental exam.

How you may benefit from fillings

Dental fillings are noninvasive dental restorations that don’t require a long recovery from your busy schedule. Benefits of these restorations include:

Long-lasting results

Fillings can be composed of composite resin, silver amalgam, or plastic, all of which are durable materials. Porcelain or gold fillings can last for up to 15 years. If you follow your dentist’s instructions and practice good oral habits, the fillings may last for ten more years.

Fillings prevent the progression of tooth decay.

These restorations fill the holes in your tooth, protecting it from further damage. You may also need to adhere to your routine dental exams to prevent cavities and tooth decay. If you don’t fill the holes, they may grow bigger, leading to tooth loss or extraction. The fillings protect your tooth structure and smile aesthetics by preventing further damage.

Enhance the function of your teeth

Tooth decay can make drinking or chewing specific food types difficult. You may also experience excruciating pain when taking cold or hot beverages, preventing you from enjoying your favorite drinks. Dental fillings protect your tooth and restore its normal functioning, making it easier and pain-free to chew and drink.

Blends with your natural teeth

During your initial consultation, the team takes impressions of your mouth to create tooth-colored fillings that blend with your natural teeth, making it difficult to tell them apart. They shape and polish the filling to resemble a natural tooth. Your provider may educate you about possible composite mixtures to ensure you know what you are getting.

Restores your attractive smile

Tooth decay can distort your smile, making it less attractive. While fillings prevent further decay, they also restore your vibrant smile, restoring your self-esteem.

Fillings are noninvasive, and most insurance companies cover them as essential dental restorations. To explore dental fillings, call the Vida Dental Spa office or the online scheduling button to create an appointment.

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