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Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you concerned about your smile? A dazzling smile is critical since it impacts your confidence. A glowing smile also exudes a sense of good health. You want to create and always leave a good impression. Since your smile is among the most noteworthy features, giving it the attention it deserves is essential. This brings us to cosmetic dentistry, which specializes in smile restoration. Today, cosmetic dentistry has significantly advanced owing to the evolution of technology, including lasers. Sean Sutton DDS offers laser cosmetic dentistry services, ranging from veneers, laser gum contouring, and crown lengthening to full smile makeovers. Laser cosmetic dentistry offers many advantages that can supercharge your smile improvement efforts, including:

Minimal pain

Cosmetic dentistry can involve the removal and reshaping of tissues. Such surgical procedures can be painful. While anesthetics or sedation can help, the pain during recovery can be overwhelming. Dental lasers significantly alleviate the pain since they use intense beams of light that simultaneously seal the wound and nerve endings during the treatments. Sealed nerve endings mean the pain sensation is reduced. Pain is further alleviated since the wound is also sealed, which means you may not even need anesthesia or sedation.

Lessen bleeding

A wound is sealed/cauterized during the cosmetic laser procedure’s progress. This means that the blood clots almost instantly, which limits bleeding. The soft tissue procedures won’t result in bleeding, a complication that can impact your quest to spot a bright and healthy smile.

Faster recovery

Among the concerns that impact the recovery process is wound care. You are exposed to many risks like infections and bleeding, concerns that laser cosmetic dentistry mitigates. The wound is immediately cauterized, which means fewer chances of infection or bleeding. Moreover, the almost instant blood clotting speeds up the initiation of your natural healing process. The combination translates to a comfortable and speedier recovery, making cosmetic procedures more productive.

Notable results

Dental lasers are precise, which means less room for errors. Moreover, the laser beams are sterile, so infection chances are lower. The complications are further lessened since laser dentistry does not involve significant trauma and bleeding. Such effectiveness also means the need for other post-treatments or dealing with other complications is lowered if not eliminated. You will realize notable results with fewer hassles, making your efforts to revitalize the smile more manageable.

Relaxing treatments

Dental visits are not everyone’s cup of tea. This is more so considering dental anxiety. The dentist’s chair, tools, and light beaming onto your face are not so comfortable. This is worsened by tools like dental drills that make some noise. Laser dentistry makes it easier to beat dental anxiety. The devices are not as noisy, which can help you relax and get through the procedure with less friction. It gets better since you won’t experience overwhelming pain or discomfort.

Laser cosmetic dentistry continues to attract more users looking to restore their bright smiles. The treatments offer faster, safer, and more effective smile makeover solutions for virtually anyone, regardless of the extent of their dental concerns. Contact Greenwich Dentistry today for more on laser cosmetic procedures and how they can help your situation.

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