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Remember About Liposuction

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 245,000 liposuction procedures are done yearly. It is more common than other surgeries offered by a reputable plastic surgeon Mt Kisco such as eyelid surgery. Below are a few things you should remember about this procedure that many people refer to adorably as lipo.

Who is the right candidate for liposuction

You will need liposuction if you are overweight or have rapidly lost weight, leaving you with unwanted pockets of fat. Liposuction can eliminate or reduce excess or unwanted fat in different areas of your body. It becomes an effective option for eliminating fats that do not respond to regular physical activity and healthy eating.

But, liposuction is not great for eliminating or reducing stretch marks or skin with dimples due to cellulite. Also, your doctor will only prescribe liposuction if you do not have health problems that can complicate surgery.

Poor circulation, elevated blood glucose, and low immunity can make a surgical procedure difficult. Moreover, if you are a smoker, liposuction may not be the best option for reducing stubborn body fats.

How liposuction works

Once your body is medically numbed, your doctor makes incisions on the areas to be treated. The incisions allow the insertion of a thin device, which looks like a tube, into the right areas of your body. The devices suction excess fat cells from the buttocks, abdomen, hips, and thighs.

Once treatment is completed, your doctor closes the incisions and then takes you to an area within the clinic to recover. You will likely stay in the recovery area for a few days or hours as your doctor monitors your initial reaction.

What happens after liposuction

The areas treated will be painful, inflamed, and bruised. Your doctor can prescribe a medication to help relieve the inflammation and pain.

Your health provider might also require you to wear garments that enable gentle compressing of the treated area. That can help speed up the healing and recovery process.

You will have to rest for a few days and thus avoid activities like work that can strain your treated areas. You can resume intense physical activity after two or three weeks.

After about a month, you will notice positive changes in areas subjected to liposuction. The treated areas will appear firmer, smoother, and more sculpted. The desired improvements can last longer if you maintain a healthy weight and avoid harmful habits. For instance, you need to maintain the right level of physical activity and avoid highly processed foods.

Potential complications of liposuction

While liposuction is usually a safe procedure, it can have some risks. Like other surgical procedures, lipo can lead to swelling and bruising lasting weeks or months.

Additionally, blood clots can develop in blood vessels near the treated sites. It is also possible for fats to enter your blood vessels and reach your lungs. Fats in blood vessels will impede circulation, which can be dangerous to your life.

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