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Weight Loss Guidance

Developing a weight loss program that complements your lifestyle and health can be challenging. But even losing a modest amount of weight will improve your well-being. Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute equips patients with tools that empower them to lose weight without surgery. Find out how professional weight loss guidance can transform your health.

Why is weight loss challenging?

Most people find losing and maintaining their weight challenging. Sometimes, patients lose weight only to regain it after weeks of dieting and exercise.

But excessive weight is a factor for cardiovascular conditions like heart disease. Losing weight also minimizes the risk of worsening symptoms and complications. Your healthcare provider may suggest lifestyle adjustments, especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) indicates if you are overweight or obese. Nonetheless, your body mass index is an imprecise measurement to assess your cardiovascular risk.

Your healthcare provider usually performs additional exams to evaluate your health status. For example, a blood test can determine cholesterol levels. People with high cholesterol are susceptible to many health conditions.

Importance of working with a healthcare professional

It can be confusing to navigate the numerous fad diets and fat-reduction programs. You should consider working with a certified and experienced healthcare professional to ensure long-term weight reduction.

A specialist’s grasp of the subject will protect you against misinformation. You can save time and avoid frustrations as you work towards your goal.

Monitor your progress

It can be challenging to maintain your focus throughout your weight loss journey. You will often have many questions along the way. Is the process effective? Can you do more to lose fat?

A healthcare provider will guide you at every step of your journey. You can proceed with confidence as you listen to your doctor’s insights. The explanations are always based on research-backed information.

The secret to long term fat-reduction is not to let a modest slip turn into considerable weight gain. Your doctor will review your progress and motivate you toward your goal.

Develop a healthy diet

Eating healthy can help you lose weight in several ways. A healthy diet is packed with nutrients that make you feel satiated and reduces cravings.

It is estimated your diet contributes 70% of your body’s fat mass, while 30% is from exercise. Therefore, meeting your goals with physical activity alone is improbable.

Your healthcare provider will guide you in developing a suitable diet. You can tap into their expertise to reduce calorie and fat intake. The program will include choosing meals that you enjoy.

Assist with decision-making

Evaluate your medical history to ensure the lifestyle changes are ideal for your physiological profile. An expert’s input on exercise or diet is invaluable. It is particularly critical for conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

For example, physiotherapy improves joint function and alleviates symptoms of arthritis. But intense exercise may cause pain and mobility problems. An experienced healthcare professional can customize physical activities suitable for your health profile.

To find out more about developing a customized weight-loss program, contact Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute today.

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