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Medical Weight Loss

Positive thinking, patience, and perseverance needed to lose and maintain a healthy weight range can quickly disappear when you don’t seem to get anywhere. This is more so when you seem to be regaining the lost weight much faster, which demotivates you and probably forces you to give up. Medical weight loss Chamblee can help avoid common pitfalls and enhance success in your weight loss goal. The weight loss programs follow a personalized strategy, unlike the many generalized options that may not offer long-term success.

The common features of a standard weight loss program that helps improve success rate include:


Your appetite could be the main reason weight loss is not progressing as much as you would like. The tricky part is that weight loss often increases your appetite. Moreover, when dieting, your hunger hormones tend to increase, which you can easily give into and derail the weight loss process. When dieting or after weight loss, especially if you are overweight, the stomach releases more ghrelin, also called the hunger hormone. The hormone makes you feel hungry, which many can hardly resist. A weight loss program can include prescription appetite-suppressant medications. The medication helps you resist hunger and stick to a practical diet, keeping your weight loss process on track.

Menu planning

A restrictive diet is crucial for weight loss, but most tend to be short-lived. Some may not account for your unique needs, such as if you have diabetes. Others are so restrictive that you are unlikely to stick with them in the long run without experiencing certain nutritional deficiencies. Medical weight programs entail working with a dietitian who considers your unique situation to develop a menu you can follow for years. The menu ensures you include diverse diets to lose weight and maintain a healthy range while getting all the nutrients your body needs.

Physical activity

Exercise helps burn calories, but what workouts are best for your weight loss goals? Your health and physical condition determine the exercises you can safely undertake. Safer exercises mean you won’t be at high risk of injuries which could derail your weight loss quests. You also won’t be exposed to complications considering your health condition and risk factors. A personalized workout regimen helps you adopt exercises geared for long-term weight loss success. This way, you won’t overstrain your body only to realize short-term weight loss or experience unpleasant concerns like recurring injuries.

Counseling and support

Your emotional agility is tested when striving to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Weight loss is physically and emotionally demanding, requiring adequate support to stay on track. Counseling helps you adopt healthier habits, including eating, sleeping, and exercising. The support helps you notice progress even when it doesn’t feel like you have lost a pound. Professional counseling and support make the process less overwhelming, improving your success rate.

If diet and exercise regimens don’t deliver results, you should consider medical weight loss. Losing weight enhances your overall health and self-esteem, emphasizing the need to go the extra mile. Contact Lenox Medical Clinic today for more on medical weight loss.

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